Danilo Maddalena

SCTC competition supervisor/judge


Danilo Maddalena, has been dancing for 26 years, known internationally around the world of competitions and scene. Danilo began dancing Ballroom and Latin American dances at the age of 7 and has been participating in numerous national and international competitions, achieving many titles. His tango career started on the 2005 and since then, he has danced along side with many of the Top Dancers in the word like: Javier Rodriguez, Facundo Piñero and Vanessa Villalba in Buenos Aires, Sebastian Arce, Fabian Peralta in Moscow, and also partnered with Alejandra Mantinan in shows since 2015. He became the organizer of the major festival, the Italian Championship and European Championship, officially recognized from the government of Buenos Aires (FESTIVAL Y MUNDIAL) in 2014 and the owner and organizer of the Metropolitano Tango in Italy which started in 2015. Together with his wife Pam Est Là, have followed their dreams and have opened a huge structure for the love of Tango, they are the founders of “2 Corazones Tango Accademia” in Italy. They are known for their exceptional way of teaching and the elegance of their dance. Their philosophy is simple: work very hard everyday and get the best out of it. They are actually developing their own technique of Tango, not only as form, but also in the way of dancing and feeling. Known for their knowledge in biomechanic and technical aspect of the couples connection, as well as the sensibility they pass on during their classes and show.